30 May 2019

The RCSC Commissioner Dasho Tshering Yangden  and her team visited Paro Dzongkhag. This is Dasho's first visit to Paro Dzongkhag as a Commissioner. Dasho and her team met with the civil servants of Paro Dzongkhag to discuss on existing reforms and various other HR related issues.

After the Marchang Ceremony, on behalf of civil servants under Paro Dzongkhag, Dasho Dzongrab and few senior Officers offered Khadhar to Dasho Commissioner on her promotion to the present post.

Dasho Dzongrab gave a welcome speech and than after, Dasho Commissioner mentioned the purpose of her visit was to familiarize as well as get views/feedbacks from civil servants on the reforms and other HR related issues.

Before the start of the Dasho's speech, Dasho Commissioner presented a video clip of His Majesty's 111th National Day Celebration speech. Dasho than asked those gathered to relate the take-away messages from His Majesty's speech.    

The main intention was to understand and gather various understandings of His Majesty's speech from each individual. 

After that, Dasho Commissioner talked on existing reforms like:

1. BCSS (Bhutan Civil Service System) 

- Doctor's career path

-Career progression for S/S (Supervisory and Support) catergory

-Super Structure 

2. Civil Service Well-being 

-Civil service support desk

-Exit Management

-Civil Servant's Welfare Scheme 


3. Great Leadership Succession Planning and Leadership Development.

-Establishment of the Executive and Specialist Management Division

-Institutionalizing of Succession Planning System

-Institutionalizing of Leadership Development Programs

-Institutionalizing of Performance Management System for leaders

4.Managing for Excellence(MAX)




The half day program came to an end after a brief Q&A session.