14 December 2020

A brief meeting to discuss on how to prepare for the 113th National Day celebration was held in the Dzongkhag Conference Hall. As per instruction received from the Office of the Gyalpoi Zimpoen (OGZ), Dzongkahgs are to carry out a simple program to celebrate the National Day following the COVID-19 protocols. 

In line with that Dasho Dzondag, Dasho Drangpon , Superintendent of Police and Dzongkhag Sector Heads were present for the meeting. Dasho Dzondag chaired the meeting. As per the meeting, the following points were discussed as per the program guideline from the OGZ:

1. Reporting time: 7:50 am

2. A portrait of the 1st King will be escorted in a Chipdrel Procession.

3. Guard of Honor to be presented by RBP personnel

4.  Offering of butter-lamps and Zhabtoen in the  Dukhang of the Rinpung Rabdey

5. Watch the live BBS coverage of the National Day Celebration being held in Punakha. 



Invites will be sent to the Members of Parliament from Paro and Regional Heads.