16 September 2019

On 16th September, 2019, the non-subsidized LPG cylinder was the officially launched in Paro Dzongkhag. 

The Ministry of Economic Affairs in order to address LPG shortages in the country has started "Our Gyenkhu: Citizen's Initiative" on 11th April, 2019.

The main objective of this move is to encourage urban residents to switch the use of subsidized LPG cylinders to non-subsidized LPG cylinders for the benefit of the rural and underprivileged households. 


The Official Launching of non-subsidized LPG at Paro BOD. 


In line with that, the official launch on non-subsidized LPG was held at Paro BOD station on 16th September, 2019. Dasho Dzongdag, Dzongkhag Administration Paro was the Chief Guest during the event.  In his speech, Dasho reiterated the importance of such move for the benefit of the rural community. He expressed his gratitude to those civil servants who have gathered either to exchange their subsidized LPG to non-subsidized LPG or buy a new non-subsidized LPG in an effort to support the initiative.  

Dasho Dzondag, Dasho Dzongrab, and few other staff of Dzongkhag Administration, the Royal Education Council, RRCO bought a new non-subsidized LPG while others exchanged their subsidized LPG with non-subsidized LPG.

The Regional Trade Officer, Thimphu thanked Dzongkhag  Administration for the support rendered in dissemination of the initiative and in collecting the names of those interested Officials. He also thanked other regional offices for supporting the cause.