The following are the objectives of the sector:


1. Recruitment /Selection/appointment in accordance with rules and policies of
    BCSR 2012
2. Transfer exercise - to provide opportunities to diversify his or her
3. Staff promotion - in recognition of employees services and hard work, hence
    promoting motivation of staffs
4. Separation: Facilitate the civil servants with appropriate scheme
5. Training and Development: Professionalize the Civil Service workforce
    through effective implementation of the foundational competency based
6. Leave : Facilitate work life balance
7. To improve public service delivery
8. To implement National Integrity and Anti-Corruption Strategy(NIACS)



HR Forms

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Form-5-3-Contract-Extension-Form.pdf 291.49 KB
Performance-Appraisal-Form-for-Operational-Group.pdf 383.38 KB
Performance-Appraisal-Form-for-P-M-and-Specialist-Services-Group.pdf 777.62 KB
Performance-Appraisal-Form-for-Supervisory-and-Support-Service-Group.pdf 685.14 KB