11 March 2019

The Chamju Layrim was held on 11th March, 2019.  The Chamju Layrim is the final rehearsal done prior to the conduct of Annual Paro Tsechu.

The Annual Paro Tsechu starts from 17th - 21st March, 2019 coinciding with the 11th till 15th day of the 2nd Bhutanese Lunar Month.

Various masked dances were performed by the monk body of the Rinpung Rabdey and dances (zhungdra and  boedra) were performed by the Dzongkhag dancers from Tsento Gewog.


The Lam Neten of the Rinpung Rabdey was received in a traditional Chipdrel Procession in the morning of the Chamju layrim at the Zigrel by Dasho Dzongrab, Dasho Dranpon, Gups and Sectoral Heads.

The Chamju came to an end with traditional Zhugdrel Phuensum and escorting Lam Neten from Zigrel to Gongma Rabsel staircase.