Notification Period:
23 April 2020
23 April 2020

The app is to be used for “Contact Tracing” by helping with the identification of people who come in direct contact with a COVID-19 infected person while visiting public places or using public transportation. This will help to prevent local transmission of the virus in the country.

The app can be downloaded from Ministry of Health website( or Google Play Store or Apple App store (will be available soon). Therefore, all individuals entering the Dzong are mandated to scan the QR code on daily basis. Those without smart phones will be required to provide contact information at the entrance of the Dzong. The system generated unique QR codes has also been pasted in the entrance of Dzongkhag Court, Dratshang, Civil Registration & Census, Land Record office, Engineering, Education and Human Resource Section.

We would like to inform to all the staff and the general public to refrain from generating unnecessary QR codes from the app and also refrain from sharing the QR codes in social media.

Thank you and Stay Safe.