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14 December 2020
14 December 2020

National Day Lucky Draw Process


The nationwide Lucky Draw is being held this year as a part of  a very special National Day Celebrations. His Majesty The King commanded the National Day Celebrations Committee to organise this year's National Day Celebrations differently to be creative and out of the box event mass gathering is not viable in event of COVID19 pandemic. Therefore, the Lucky Draw idea is a contribution from the tech community, led by the Royal Office for Media. The technical team which worked on the solution are represented by IT professionals from Royal Society for STEM, Department of Information Technology and Telecom, Ministry of Health, Thimphu Techpark, Bhutan Telecom and TashiCell. The solution also uses the Public Service Delivery Division (G2C) of Cabinet Secretirat’s sms gateway system.

This year, not only citizens residing in the country but Bhutanese living abroad are also given equal opportunity to participate in the Lucky Draw. Consequently, the app was further modified to cater to serve the purpose. Since the event was going to be virtual, only bona fide Bhutanese (with CID Number) with valid phone numbers are eligible to participate. The participant can register through app (version 3.0), SMS or portal (which is only accessible to Bhutanese outside Bhutan). Those who are residing outside Bhutan can participate either through live BBS TV telecasted on TV channels if available, Bhutan Telecoms B-Trowa app or on live streaming on facebook page of BBS.

This kind of participation brings forth the capabilities of simple technology and how we can use them to make our lives more comfortable. The participation and eagerness to adopt these technologies are very important in this modern world as they are converging to become part of our daily lives.


The registration process has been made as diverse and as flexible as possible for the lucky draw. This can be either done through Druk Trace application for smartphone holders, or SMS for legacy phone owners. The registration needs to be done only once to be eligible for all events related to the Lucky Draw. The registereration shall be valid till midnight of 16th December 2020 for 17th Dec., 2020 National Day draw. Following are steps for registering through different mediums. Anyone participating in this event automatically agrees and is binded to the legal disclaimer provided below.

Through Druk Trace app

One can register for the lucky draw using the app, if you have and know how to use Druk Trace app. You have to update the app to the latest version through Google Play Store or Apple App Store, whichever phone one is using.

  1. Once you update the app, if you are using the app for the first time you have to register first. One has to register by providing a name and phone number in the form and clicking the ”Request for OTP” button only once. Please note that once OTP (SMS) is requested, it is valid for 6 hours during which the person will be ineligible to receive any new OTP request.
  2. If you are already registered, you can simply update the app through the appropriate stores (Google Play or Apple Store) in the phone.
  3. The above 2 steps are registration to use the app and not for the Lucky Draw. In order to register for Lucky Draw, one  has to register by clicking on the ”Account” menu of the Druk Trace app (bottom left) and then click on the “Register for National Day Lucky Draw” button which will open a new form. One has to provide a CID and place where you will be during the national day.
  4. When you click the “Register” button, it will open the disclaimer page which upon agreeing one will be eligible to participate. If you click the ”Agree” button you are now ready to participate in Lucky Draw.

Through SMS

  1. If you do not own a smartphone, are unable to install the app or if there are network issues, you can still register through SMS.
  2. To register through SMS, you just have to SMS the word “reg xxxxxxxxxxx”, where x is your 11-digit CID number) to send it to number 1907.

For Bhutanese outside Bhutan

  1. Bonafied Bhutanese living outside Bhutan can also participate in the virtual national Day celebration. One can do so by installing Druk Trace app first and then registering with the help of “Druk Trace Registration” portal
  2. One has to provide CID, Date of Birth, Country and place of residence, and valid contact number.
  3. On clicking the “Register” button, the portal will generate a user and virtual OTP with which you can register in Druk Trace app. Please note you are registered to use Druk Trace app until this point and not registered for National Day Lucky Draw yet.
  4. In order to register for Lucky Draw, one  has to register by clicking on the ”Account” menu of the Druk Trace app (bottom left) and then click on the “Register for National Day Lucky Draw” button which will open a new form. One has to provide a CID and place where you will be during the national day.
  5. When you click the “Register” button, it will open the disclaimer page which upon agreeing one will be eligible to participate. If you click the ”Agree” button you are now ready to participate in Lucky Draw.

For under age Bhutanese

  1. If you are under age (under 18) or want to register someone under age, please visit and click the “This Link” on the page which will redirect to another portal ( This portal is only available until National Day.
  2. It will open up a new page where it will ask for parents' CID and DoB. If details are correct, all the children’s details will be shown on screen with which you can register for a lucky draw following the above relevant steps.
  3. Bhutanese under age can then follow through the normal processes of using the Druk Trace registration for Lucky Draw.


There will be two occasions where two different QR codes and two sets of 4 letter key words (below the QR Code) will be shown in TV, Live streaming (facebook) and Radio. All registered participants will need to take part in both of the occasions through steps mentioned below. This is to ensure participants are genuinely interested and participating in the event in real time. The time of projecting the QR Code and 4 letter words are kept 3 minutes so that people do not share the code and letters publicly.

Through Druk Trace app

The 2 different sets QR Code will be displayed on the TV screen during two different occasions which participants have to scan. If both are not scanned, participation will be disqualified. The participants will only have to scan only once. Successful scan is notified by a cling sound with an acknowledgement message “Successfully Scanned”.


  1. Only the first scan will be valid so participants are requested to scan only once.
  2. Due to the huge number of participants during the event, the notification might be delayed by a few seconds.

Through SMS

  1. For those who don’t own a smartphone or if there are any technical issues in using the app  at the time of QR Code being displayed, you can still participate using SMS.
  2. The 2 sets of 4 letters words displayed below the QR Code during the specified time are to be SMSed to 1907. If both sets of 4 letter words are not sent to 1907, participation will be disqualified. You have to SMS once and only the first correct SMS shall be valid.Even if you register through the app, you are still eligible to use SMS if the app doest work during the specified time.


Note: Only the first SMS will be valid so participants are requested to SMS only once.

Through Radio

  1. If you are following a national day event on radio also you can participate in the lucky draw too provided you have phone and SMS works. Ensure registration following Registration Steps through SMS.
  2. If you have successfully registered, BBS shall be airing the live program on December 17th.
  3. When the QR Code is displayed on the TV, the radio shall announce the 2 sets of 4 letter words over air which you will have SMS to 1907.

The Draw

  1. To ensure a fair and transparent lucky draw of all the participants, the draw is computerised.
  2. We have also invited competent witnesses from different agencies to ensure transparency of the program. The witnesses are represented by officials from Royal Audit Authority, Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Anti-Corruption Commission who were satisfied and convinced of the fair algorithms in place.
  3. The 10 winners shall be announced on the National Day. The winners will be contacted by organisers and invited to BBS for prize selection.
  4. If the winner is not residing in Thimphu, prizes will be selected virtually and sent to wherever the person is residing.
  5. Anyone found sharing the QR Code or the 4 letter words will be disqualified from the event.

Note: Please note that only QR Code scans and SMS messages sent on specified time will be valid for the lucky draw. Any scans and SMS beyond specified time shall be invalid and not included for the draw. Therefore, the participants are requested to refrain from scanning or sending SMS after the time expires.


  1. A total of 2 lucky Draws have been planned before the final event on the National Day. This was done in order to give all the citizens the practice and feels of the event. Further, this allowed the technical team to incorporate feedback for improvement on the National Day.
  2. The first Trial Lucky Draw was conducted on the 4th of December followed by a second trial on the 10th of December.


  1. The prizes for the national day lucky draw will be determined by the National Day Steering Committee and announced before the events.


Pelden Drukpa Gyalo!


Legal Disclaimer

The organisers hold the right to hosting events and can cancel events at any point time at its discretion it is dependent on many solutions and agencies. Anyone who participates through any means are automatically binded to the legal disclaimer of this event below.

  1. Procedure of Draw
  1. The 2020 National Day Lucky Draw winner will be selected from all the participants with the use of an automated generator.
  2. A representative each from the Anti-Corruption Commission, Royal Audit Authority, and the Office of the Attorney General will be present as observers during the selection process.
  3. The participant to the event is optional and open. The originanizors shall not be liable for loss of any kind during the participation.
  1. Participant Rules
    1. Participants of the 2020 National Day Lucky Draw must fulfil all the conditions of the Lucky Draw as outlined by the National Day Celebration Committee to be eligible.
    2. One individual is eligible to enter the Lucky Draw only once.
  2. Prize Claim
    1. Winners of the Lucky Draw will be contacted via phone to claim their prize.
    2. Three attempts will be made to contact prize winners via phone.
    3. Invalid phone numbers, or failure to respond to calls will result in forfeit of prize.
    4. Prizes not claimed on 17th December 2020 will be considered as forfeit. Prize claim means being available either in person or over phone to choose the prize. Collection of the prize can be arranged later.
  3. Privacy
    1. Personal details of the winners, such as phone numbers will not be made public.
    2. Winners will be required to appear on TV for the prize claim ceremony, either in person or via phone call.
  4. Dispute Resolution

In the event of any disputes or claims arising from the Lucky Draw Process, these will be settled through the alternative dispute resolution in accordance with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of Bhutan 2013.

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