23 November 2018

Dungtse Lhakhang under Paro Dzongkhag has been undergoing renovation works for the past few months. The Project team of Her Majesty The Royal Grandmother Ashi Kesang Choden Wangchuck and respective focal Dzongkhag engineers were responsible for supervising and carrying out the renovation works. 

Dzongkhag Staff ramming mud to create surrounding wall at Dungtse Lhakhang


In line with that, in order to contribute labor support to the ongoing Renovation Project, Paro Dzongkhag Administration Staff led by Dasho Dzongda and Dasho Dzongrab gathered at 8:30am on 22nd November, 2018 with their respective packed lunches. The Dzongkhag team helped in mud ramming of the surrounding wall of the Lhakhang. 

The Dzongkhag team for a period of 8 hours completed around 3 sections of a 4feet wall. 

The Lhakhang is still in need of some more volunteers on a regular basis to complete the mud ramming of the surrounding wall. 

The Project team Supervisor reminded those who were gathered on the accumulation of good merits in contributing labor for the renovation of an auspicious Dungtse Lhakhang.