Paro Dzong houses the Rinpung Rabdey besides government offices including the local court. The Rinpung Rabdey is headed by Lam Neten. Around 300 monks are housed in the monastic section of the Rinpung Dzong. 

Lam Neten and the monks perform various religious ceremonies and festivals/events of national interests for the well-being and benefit of all sentient beings in the various lhakhangs, prayer hall and assembly hall. Each of the small lhakhangs has a caretaker each to carry out daily offerings and look after many valuable statues and religious texts.


Lopen Tshering, Dratshang Drungchen


Rinpung Dzong with the view of the nyimezampa bridge​​​​


The monks assemble in the prayer hall also called 'dukhang' in local dialect to conducting numerous prayer ceremonies. The assembly hall also known as 'kuenrey' acts as a classroom for young monks to study volumes of Buddhist scriptures.

   Sl. No   Lhakhangs                                                   Location

  1.        Kagyu Lam Lhakhang                             Center Tower (top)
  2.        Tshepamed Lhakhang                             
  3.        21
  4.       Protector's shrine
  5.       Temple of the Guru's Eight Manifestations 
  6.       Chapel of the head lama
  7.       Chapel of Amitayus
  8.       The Clear Crystal Shrine
  9.       Chapel of the Eleven-faced Avalokiteśvara
  10.       Chapel of Akshobhya
  11.       Temple of the Treasure Revealer
  12.       Temple of the Bursar   .................  (list courtesy: