The Dzongkhag ICT Cluster Services is responsible for:

  • Managing the Local Area Networks in the Dzongkhag Administration in addition to managing the internet connectivity of 10 Gewog Community Centers (CCs);
  • Provide ICT services to all the regional RGOB offices in and around Paro Dzongkhag
  • Updating the website content; 
  • Knowing and applying fundamental concepts, practices, procedures and existing policies and guidelines in specialized areas of information technology;
  • Facilitating the development of regional policies in the area of ICT and translation of these policies where appropriate into regional projects and work plans;
  • Participating in negotiations for software purchases with vendors; overseeing the maintenance of licenses resulting from such purchases;
  • Coordinating the development of test problems to debug the system and participating in trial runs of the systems;
  • Providing technical lead and /or supervising Assistant system administrators;
  • Evaluating product of upgraded or new technology and software, identifying strengths, weakness and potential benefits to the organization;
  • Coordinating proposals for acquisition, development and implementation of systems;
  • Installing, testing, maintaining and upgrading network operating systems software;
  • Evaluating the productivity implications of upgraded servers and analyzing the computer and information needs of the organization;
  • Advising & working with user departments to resolve specific problems or make changes in programs, computer applications, alternative programming approaches, etc.
The management of Local Area Network (LAN), (pic. courtesy: internet;



The ICT Cluster Services provides technical support to Regional Offices and staff, Dzongkhag Staff, Gewog Staff inclusive of CC staff in addition to troubleshooting ICT related issues on a regular basis. The ICT Sector like any other Sectors shoulders any adhoc responsibilities given by the Supervisors in a professional and efficient manner at all times, and participates in any important national events/festivals.


    Entertainment Licence Forms and Guidelines for Reality Show Programme

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    Annexure A Application for Places of Entertainment.pdf 830.69 KB
    Annexure D Guidelines for Preparing Proposal for Reality Show Programme.pdf 552.46 KB
    Schedule C Recommendation Form For Issuance Of License For Establishment Of Places Of Entertainment.pdf 697.74 KB
    Annexure E Renewal Of License For Places of Entertainment.pdf 427.74 KB