30 May 2019


The last date of registration of participants for the marathon on 2nd June has been deferred to 1st June, 2019 till 5pm.


The Bhutan Amateur Athletic Federation (BAAF) in coordination with Paro Dzongkhag Administration held a follow-up meeting of the 12th Bhutan Coronation Marathon which will be held on 2nd June, 2019 in Paro Dzongkhag.

To encourage more participants the last date for registration of participants have been postponed to 1st June, 2019 till 5pm. 

Relevant stakeholders (RBP, BPC,Education Sector, Health Sector) were also present to cater to various responsibilities.

Follow-up meeting for the 12th Bhutan Coronation Run-2nd June, 2019 (BAAF officials, RBP official, BPC official, Education official, Health official and Dzongkhag Administration official.


The BPC would be responsible for provision of continuous power supply for the ribbon gate and other necessary power connections, the RBP for traffic regulation and to lead the first runner, the Health for first aid provision, the education for provision of buses and student cheer leaders at various strategic points (Woochu, Khangkhu, Taju, Lamgong, Shari and Gaupel).



The Dzongkhag Administration would be handling the overall infrastructure preparation for the 12th Marathon run as usual.The BAAF would look into the technical aspects (route orientation, markings ) of the Marathon, t-shirts supply and other necessary information regarding the Marathon.