Name of the School/Institute: Drukgyel Lower Secondary School

Year of Establishment: 1962

Total Land area: 8.50 Arce

Classes/ Courses Offered: PP-VIII

Total Students: 757

  • Male   :369
  • Female :388

Total Teachers:35

  • Male   :15
  • Female :20

Support Staff: 9

  • Male :03
  • Female:06

Infrastructure and Facilities (please mention the existing infrastructure and facilities institute provides)

  1. One Administrative Block with 2 units
  2. One Block – Inclusive of following:
    1. Science Lab
    2. Computer Lab
    3. Library
  3. Two new Academic Blocks (with 6 units each)
  4. One Principal quarter
  5. Toilets:
    1. 2 academic toilets (1 for boys and 1 for girls)
    2. One staff toilet
  1. One football ground
  2. One basketball Court.


Brief Background on the Institute:

(Establishment of the school, Reasons for its establishment and location, infrastructure & facility development, course introduction etc may be mentioned in chronologicalorder to illustrate the key development areas)

  1. Drukgyel Lower Secondary School

Village : Jitsephu

Gewog: Tsento

Dzongkhag: Paro

  1. Drukgyel Lower Secondary School today: It is located 12 kms north of Paro Valley. It was established in 1962 near Drukgyel Dzong.It was established under the headship of Babu Adhi from Kalimpong. Later it was shifted to the present place.