Name of the School/Institute: Rashigang Primary School

Year of Establishment: 9th February 2011

Total Land area: 2.479 Acres

Classes/ Courses Offered: Pre-Primary till class Three

Total Students: 52

  • Male   : 31
  • Female : 21

Total Teachers:2

  • Male   : 2
  • Female : 0

Support Staff: 3

  • Male : 1
  • Female: 2


Infrastructure and Facilities (please mention the existing infrastructure and facilities institute provides)

  1. Concrete Single storied Administrative 3 units.
  2. Single storied Mud House with 2 units
  3. One Concrete toilet with 4 units for girls cum staff toilet and another 2 units for boys.
  4. One Principal quarter
  5. One small foot ball ground
  6. Two canopies(Old CGI sheets roofing and Shinglep roofing)


Brief Background on the Institute:

Thrown away at the distance of 68-70 kilometers from Paro, lay the valley of Rashigang, the land of potatoes and cabbages. One needs to drive the highway from Paro to Haa via Chhuzom to reach the place. As your watch ticks two hours, had you kept the time when you started the journey from Paro, you are at Rashigang where two small hotels serves mostly the Bhutanese items in traditional outlook. If you are tired of driving or want to refresh yourself, just enter either of the hotels, you will be served to the fullest. Otherwise, if you are running out of time, then hurry up and take 2-3 minute walk to the right hand side of the road where the school stands on a gentle slope. The two teaching and one non-teaching staff, which works with the ideology, “we float or sink together”, is the entire time ready to receive the guest of all levels with all our generosity.

The school was established in 2011 with only 26 students in PP and two teachers, a principal and a lady teacher. The actual construction of the school began in 2010 as planned activity for 2010-2011 financial years which was actually initiated and proposed by the Mr. Chencho Dorji, the former Member of the Parliament of this Constituency in consultation with Dzongkhag Administration in his consideration of the request of the people of Rashigang, Tshegoen and Tshebji villages. The completion of the overall construction happened only at the mid of 2011 and till that time the teachers and students really had tough time for we have started the class from 10th March, 2011. We did not have a room to conduct our classes and in discussion with the local leaders, we even approached the local people requesting to rent a room for use as a classroom, but they charged high which was beyond our reach. So, with no alternatives left, we decided to occupy the ORC just behind the school, but of course with the approval from the Gewog administration and the Health sector.

The school also introduced the NFE classes for the community people and by the mid of 2012 we were happy to receive a NFE Instructor who also helped the teachers in carrying out the school responsibilities. The Khakong or post literacy course got completed by Mid-July 2016.