Name of the School/Institute: Tshenden Primary School

Year of Establishment: 13th April 2013

Total Land area: 1acre

Classes/ Courses Offered: PP – Cl 5

Total Students: 56

  • Male   :30
  • Female :26

Total Teachers:

  • Male   :
  • Female :

Support Staff:

  • Male :
  • Female:

Infrastructure and Facilities

  1. One Administrative block 3 units
  2. One block 3 units attached with Vp office,  library and computer lab
  3. Two Academic Blocks (with 3 units each)
  4. Toilets: 4 academic toilets (2 for boys and 2 for girls)
  5. One Basketball courts( Half)


Brief Background on the Institute:

Tshenden Primary School and Tshenden Montessori (est. 13th April 2011) located at Bondey half kilometer away from Paro international Airport. owned by Chencho (Proprietor) and Principal Sangay Dema  established in the year 13st April 2013, three students with two teachers. In the year 2014,  seven students with three teachers and in the year 2015, thirty five students with six teachers and the following year 2016 and 2017 we have fifty seven students with eight teachers.

Due to the drastic increase of students per year and 100% remarkable feedback from respective parents urge the school administration to upgrade.