02 June 2021

A 3 days bilingual website training for ICT professionals and dzongkha development officials was held at Tiger Nest Camp, Paro. The training was organized by Principal Cultural Officer, the Dzongkha Development Focal of Paro Dzongkhag Administration in coordination with Dzongkhag ICT Officer.

In order to deliver wholesome services to the citizens of Bhutan via various online platforms, it is imperative to provide a bilingual option to reach a wider audience to avail various services.   

The training is aligned with the overarching objective of Dzongkha Development Commission to promote and preserve the national language of Bhutan.  



རང་གི་ཁ་སྐད་སོརན་ རང་གི་མནོ་ལུགས་སྒྱུར། ཀལ་ཨལ་བེཆེཊི།

“Change your language and you change your thoughts” - Karl Albrecht